Saturday, February 11, 2012

Intimacy with Christ - Jeanne Guyon - Chapter 12

The first part of this book is general correspondence that Madame Guyon wrote to her followers. I wish we had other letters, the ones that made her respond as she did. However, it does open up a great opportunity to stretch my imagination and writing skills a bit. So for this particular chapter, I am going to attempt to write a letter to Madame Guyon that would elicit the response she gave in this chapter. My attempt at this is nothing more than an effort to gain a better understanding of what I should be seeking for in Christ. May the Lord bless this effort.

Madame Guyon,
Often times, I find myself longing for something more, something deeper than just casual contact with my friends or the people around me. I know that my ultimate satisfaction should come from knowing Christ on the deepest levels and while I enjoy that pursuit and the results of that pursuit, I often times feel like I am alone on that journey because others around don't understand what I am longing to do. Is it wrong of me to crave fellowship with others instead of just fellowship with God? I know Christ had his close friends and yet still, while journeying on this earth, was deeply connected to God at all times. Is that something that is possible for me? Should I be seeking out relationships with others or just focusing on me and God? - Ginger

"How close and how precious is the union of spirits made one in Christ! Jesus said so beautifully "Whosoever shall do the will of my Father, the same is my mother, sister and brother."

There is no union stronger or purer than spiritual fellowship in Christ. Delightfully, this how the saints in heaven experience each other in God. This does not interfere with your relationship to God, but allows you know others in and through Him.

Continually say 'yes' to all that God wants. When you are united to God there can be no 'no' only 'Yes, be it so.' And let that 'yes' continually echo through you. This 'yes' makes you flexible and agreeable to the will of your beloved Lord. When the angel appeared to Mary, she said 'Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to your word.' It was the same with Samuel who said, 'Speak for your servant hears.' It was so with the Lord 'Lo, I have come to do your will.'

I am yours in the fellowship of the Spirit." - Jeanne Guyon

Madame Guyon,
Thank you for your response to my question. I am grateful and full of joy to hear that my longing to be in fellowship with others is natural and good. I will take great delight in being in fellowship with others who are also in Christ.

I especially like the your thought about spiritual fellowship not interfering with my relationship with God. I want my relationships to help me "know others in and through Him." I think that if my relationships are not doing this, I don't want to be a part of them.

I am intrigued by the fact that you address as subject that I didn't mention directly. I don't even think I mentioned it indirectly but the Spirit saw it fit to use you to convict me of an area that needs great improvement in my life. I am never quite ready, never quite sure, never actually able to say "yes" readily. My first reaction, my gut instinct, my human nature, the voice of the serpent, always tells me that I can't do whatever it is I am being asked to do for the cause of Christ. Eventually, at times, I will come around to the "yes" answer, but it takes great prodding by the Spirit, often in the form of Him using others like my minister friend Brian or Kyle or Basil, or my best friends Sue or Jhansi or my husband Jason, for me to be convinced that I can and should do whatever it is I am being asked to do. I don't particularly like this about myself and have made some efforts to change it myself. However, I am understanding from your message here that the only way to have that transformed in me is to "continually say 'yes' to all that God wants." I will make the commitment now to do so.

Thank you for fellowship in the Spirit. - Ginger


Christiana said...

Hey Ginger,
Thank you for your post and for your kind comments on my blog. I think your questions are good and right to ask. I've been studying a little about the point of church/assembly and I think it is this very thing...not only are we supposed to worship God but we are called by God through the Bible to be in fellowship with others and in fact, this mutual encouragement is part of the way the Spirit works. Something intangible happens in our meeting together that cannot happen when we are alone with God. Both are very necessary.
Anyway, thanks for your post. I'd never heard of Jeanne Guyon before...a nice introduction.

Ginger said...

Thanks for reading. I had never heard of Jeanne Guyon until one my minister friends gave me this book. I enjoying it tons but I have to take it in spurts - it tends to overwhelm me sometimes. I think you would really enjoy her.